MES buffer

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🏾 MES buffer

MES Buffer is a remarkably chemically and enzymatically stable zwitterionic buffer. It has minimal UV absorption and is often used in plant cell cultures and as a running buffer for bis-tris gels.

Its chemical structure contains a morpholine ring, MES buffer has a buffer range of pH 5.8 to 6.5.

MES was developed as one of 'Good' stamps in the 1960s.

MES buffer

CAS number 4432-31-9
Molecular mass 195.2 g/Mol
Formula C6H13NO4S
Synonyms 2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid
pKa 6.15

MES buffer

MES buffer : C6H13NO4S

🏾 MES Buffer Applications and Uses

MES Buffer is commonly used for cell culture media, as a common buffer in electrophoresis, and for protein purification in chromatography.

MES is also useful as a non-coordinating buffer in chemistry involving metal ions, since many common buffers (e.g., phosphate and acetate) readily form coordination complexes.

It is also used in buffered culture media for bacteria, yeasts and mammalian cells.

🏾 Properties

MES is highly soluble in water. The melting point is approx. 300°C.